A Quick Check To Do Before Riding Your Bike To Town

Riding your bicycle can be a lot of fun and great exercise. It can also provide an affordable and green way to get to work or run other errands. But before you take your bicycle out every day, there are certain things you should check to make sure you’ll be safe. Although you’ve probably been riding your bicycle since you were young, that’s no reason to forget they can potentially be dangerous. Read on for a pre-riding checklist that will keep you safe every time.

A simple check to do every time you take your bicycle out for a ride is the wheels and tires. Make sure they are inflated correctly. Also, look over the whole tire to look for any abrasions or damage done that could compromise your safety. Look at the nuts that hold the wheels to the bicycle as well. The last thing you want is those falling off while you’re going down a hill.

beach cruiser bike without breaks is not going to be a fun ride. Test the brake levers to confirm they are applying adequate pressure to your tire every time. You should also look at the cables. These can become frayed or even stretch out due to wear and tear, compromising their ability to stop your bicycle. You should also look at the brake pads as they play as big a role in stopping you as anything. Be sure that when you squeeze the lever they contact the rim of the tire uniformly. You don’t want to see that your brake pads are gripping the tire or missing the rim altogether.

Your handlebars and seat should also be at the correct height. If your seat is too high, it will be easy to launch over the handlebars if you brake too quickly or run into something. Check to make sure they didn’t slip down a bit accidentally. Both should be set in place and unable to move.

Lastly, check your bicycle’s chain and gears. Give your pedal a few spins to make sure the chain passes through the sprockets without issue. You shouldn’t see them rubbing up against your derailleurs, for example.

With that check done, you should be all ready to take off. Keep in mind, this check doesn’t have to take long. It can easily take under a minute and end up saving your life. Speaking of, put that helmet on before you peddle off, but not before you run your eyes over it to ensure its still firmly intact.

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